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1852 Census of the Province of Canada
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Canada East (Quebec)
Canada West (Ontario)


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The census planned for 1851 was not carried out until 1852, so it is variously referred to as the 1851 Census and the 1852 Census. For background information please see the Library and Archives Canada Census of 1851 site. The 1851 Census of New Brunswick Index is also available. It is important to note that many parts of the 1851/1852 Census were lost or destroyed and are therefore missing from the indices.

The population in 1852 was: *
Canada East/Quebec: 890,000
Canada West/Ontario: 952,000

Transcriber Hints

Instructions to Enumerators - please read these before starting transcribing! In particular note the usage of F in the birth place column.

On many of the printed forms there is a typo where there is no line 23 and two line 24s, please transcribe the 23rd line as line 23!

Please do not add Wife, son, daughter, etc. into the occupation column unless the enumerator wrote them there.

Please do not transcribe things in the residence column that are not related to residence, for example, Xs Ws, checks, etc..

Bisset written in old scriptIn 1851 it was common to write a double s in a way that resembles fs. Note that the loop below the apparent f is to the left instead of the right as it would be for a true f. This name is Bisset not Bifset.