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1901 Census of Canada Index Français
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National Summary
5,665,421 lines transcribed (100%)
88,048 pages proofread so far! (77.72%) Details
Province Lines
British Columbia 166,684
Manitoba 272,156
New Brunswick 342,169
Nova Scotia 474,385
Ontario 2,293,082
Prince Edward Island 108,659
Quebec 1,730,502
The Territories 277,784

This is an index to every name enumerated in the 1901 Census of Canada with the personal data transcribed, links to images of the original census pages, and links to other records for individuals including: census records from other years, birth, marriage, death, and other records.

Transcription, proof reading, and linking is done by volunteers and no registration or payment is required to view the index.

National Surname Search

Surname search: and (optionally) givens starts with:

National Surname Index

A surname index is available for all transcribed records:

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Surname indices are also available at the district and polling district levels.

Other Features

Images of the 1901 census forms are loaded directly from the 1901 Census site of Library and Archives Canada.

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